How To Use Branded Quizzes To Increase Blog Engagement and Email Subscribers

May 31, 2018
Ever wanted to create your own custom quizzes for your blog? With Interact Quiz Builder you can! Find out how to increase blog engagement, stand out from the crowd, and generate leads and email subscriptions by implementing quizzes into your website.
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Hey everyone! Long time no see. I’ve been so busy during the month of May, but I’ve managed to make some changes to my blog that should improve my navigation and click through rate.

I’ve already seen my bounce rate go down and my session durations increase by over 50%, but the true hero to all of this is Interact.

I was invited by Interact to develop quizzes for my blog. As soon as I logged in and experienced the interface, I knew immediately that I could use these quizzes to generate more email subscriptions and have my branding stick.

If you haven’t already, click me to try out my first quiz,
“Are You Owning This Whole #Adulting Thing!”

The best part about this is that YOU can also create your own quizzes!

Remember how much fun it was to take those Buzzfeed quizzes? Not going to lie, I still take them when I have nothing better to do.

As silly as a lot of the quizzes could be, it helped me stay engaged, click through Buzzfeed’s site, and I even got to learn a little bit more about the author.

And then it dawned on me.

This is EXACTLY the kind of interaction and engagement that I want for my blog. The best part is that I get to do it entirely on my own terms through my own website thanks to Interact.

Let me finally run through my favorite aspects of this service.

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Why I’m Obsessed

You can virtually create any type of quiz. It can be short, long, have only pictures as answers, or create a huge list of answers to choose from.

You can customize virtually everything, including colors, images, logos, and headers through the Interact Quiz Builder.

There are a ton of templates to choose from that include categories such as beauty, blogging, coaching, entertainment, parenting, food & drink, DIY, travel, and much more.

I received a helpful demo by one of the Interact staff on how to make quizzes. To be honest, I wasn’t confident about being able to breeze through quiz making like she did, but I was blown away with how intuitive and easy it is to make a unique quiz that was on brand.

A snapshot of the UI (and a cat living their best life).

Connecting the answers to the results is very simple as well. They even created a visual tool to organize the quiz for those that work better that way.

Generating subscriptions made easy

The best part about these quizzes is that you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. In addition to luring readers into a highly engaging and fun quiz, you can attach a Call for Action at the end. My advice for creating the most user-friendly quiz:

  1. Make entering your email optional. I’m guilty of immediately clicking out of quizzes that require an email before I get to see my results. Don’t trap your users. Give them an option and they’re more likely to sign up.
  2. Don’t make the quiz overly complicated.
  3. Don’t make the quiz too long.
  4. Ensure there’s logic behind linking the answers to the quiz result.
  5. Have fun! Let your personality shine. There are hundreds of thousands of quizzes out there, so make one that your readers haven’t seen before.

You can create polls!

Honestly, while writing this review I just noticed that polls are an option and paused this post to go create one! Check out my sidebar to participate in this week’s poll (which should be to the right or bottom of the page depending on where you’re coming from)!

Polls are great for gauging reader interest in all sorts of blogging aspects. Or you could even make them fun and give a quick glimpse to your personality.

My advice for creating polls:

  1. Not in the mood to create a post about it? Create a poll instead!
  2. Use polls to gauge reader interest by asking them what kind of content they’d like to see next.
  3. For weekly polls, choose relevant topics from Twitter Moments or popular hashtags for your readers to weigh in on.
  4. You guessed it. You can even generate subscriptions and leads from polls.

You can even create giveaways!

How about you subscribe and stay tuned? 😉

Seriously, no stone was left unturned when developing this software.

This feature hasn’t been tested by me yet, but I can already tell that this is a gorgeous way to present a giveaway on your blog!

You better believe I’ll be using Interact for my next giveaway!

There’s an entire community of people making Interact quizzes

Lastly, if you’re ever stuck on creating a quiz, there’s an entire Interact Facebook group where users bounce ideas off each other and receive feedback.

This service is so jam packed with features that it’s quickly become my favorite service to use when it comes to growing my blog.

It’s so fun and easy and I’m happy to invite YOU to create quizzes as well.

Click here to start FREE with Interact’s quizzes!

  1. Effortlessly stand out from the blogging crowd
  2. Get access to create unlimited quizzes
  3. Generate leads passively, but in an engaging way
  4. Join a FREE community of like-minded bloggers
  5. Have fun!

Tag and link me to quizzes and polls that you make so that I can check them out!

As always, thanks for reading and supporting Lazy Girl! Until next time.


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